Scott Bennett

You know your couples, but forgot the sequence (Lost Corner):

Assuming you remember the two couples you chose for Primary & Secondary but you forgot their Sequence, this will fix them!

ZB or XBZL In or Out of SequenceLRB or LLB
Right Hand Star Full TurnIf You are Facing Your Original Corner Pass ThruIf You are Facing Your Original Corner Pass Thru
Those headed into the center Star Left nowEnds TradeIn Facing Centers Pass Thru on a Diagonal
Turn it to Your CornerBend the LineOutfacing Outsides Run
Split the Outside 2 Around 1 to a LineEnd Pass ThruStar Thru
Touch 1/4Ends TradeFerris Wheel
Boys RunZL - InPass Thru
ZB* I wrote this one 3-7-1997ZB
* I wrote this one 3-20-2008 * I wrote this one 3-7-1997